Golfers Insurance

Golfers Insurance

Section 1: Indemnity against All Risks of loss of or damage to golf equipment including bags, bag carrier or trolleys (not motorized) whilst in transit to/from &/or whilst at any golf premises, club house, caddie masters' hut or professional shop (Geographical Scope - Worldwide // jurisdiction & Law - Kenya).

Section 2: Indemnity against loss of or damage to personal effects incl. apparel (but excluding watches, jewellery, trinkets, medals, coins, monies, securities, stamps, documents, cameras or portable music devices) by operation of perils including Fire, Lightning, Burglary &/or Larceny.

Section 3: Indemnity against Insured's personal legal liability to pay damages and claimants costs and expenses in respect to accidental third party bodily injury (including death and illness) &/or loss of or damage to third party property.

Section 4: Payment of Personal Accident benefits as defined herein following accidental injury to the Insured caused by accidental, violent external & visible means whilst playing golf.

Section 5: Reimbursement of expenses incurred by the Insured not exceeding limit specified below should the Insured "Hole-In-One" during actual play but not in practice.<.p>